Wishes Granted by the Irving Police Association Benefit

Healing the Mind and Soul of Childern Since 2004

Please click on the links to read that wishes that were granted due to the donations made by the

Irving Police Asscoation Beneifit Golf Tournament


23 Wishes and Counting!

(some wishes are still waiting to be granted)

bedroom-Julio Cisneros                      Click here to return to the main page

Computer-Angela Silva

Destiny's Child-Anthony Winters                                   Chalisa-Bedroom-Redo

boardwalk wish                                                              Jackson-WDW

Hawaii-Suzie Gonzales                                                  Madalyn-Hawaii       

Singapore-Sayon Thill

Electronics Room-Alejandra Landeros

DW-Amya Bradford

DW-Joseph Morrison

DW-Nathan Rodden

DW-Taylor Pipkin

SS-Juan Rico

Sydney - WDW

DW-Alexis Guillen

DW-Isaiah Foreman 1

DW-Meredith Springstead

DW-Peyton White

DW-Tyler Durst

SS-Christian Marente

SS-Regino Sifuentes